Freeze dried coffee - 100% Arabica

130.000đ 120.900đ -7%

  • Freeze dried coffee - 100% Robusta
  • Strong taste, attractive fragrance
  • An ideal choice for connoisseurs of pure instant coffee,
  • Main market: Export to EU, US, Russia
  • Net weight: 120g/ jar

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Freeze dried coffee with 100% Robusta is the product line of quality standard for European export. Coffee bean essence dried coffee (using the most advanced Danish freeze dried technology), long-term storage, convenient use anytime, anywhere.

The product is distributed in over 20 countries and hundreds of small manufacturers around the global. Produced by the advanced Danish freeze dried technology, which helps to retain the entire natural flavor of coffee and the antioxidant active ingredients in coffee.
Coffee color and flavor must be true color and flavor, not by artificial color or chemicals.
A special kind of coffee with a lower than usual caffeine content, helps you maintain better health and fight cancer factors.


  • Because G20 COFFEE commits to supply FREEZE DRIED COFFEE Refrigerated Coffee by the method of freeze dried without mixing, without artificial flavors, meeting international export standards.
  • The price is equivalent to the world price level, but the holiday selling price is only 1/3 of the world market (because the world exports back to the Vietnamese market).
  • G20 COFFEE commits 100% money back if the products and services we provide are not as high as the original commitment. Always clean, always pure, without artificial flavors and impurities.

G20 Coffee commits:

  • Our Coffee Products are Clean and Pure.
  • Products to ensure food safety and hygiene.
  • The product is certified with FDA standard
  • DO NOT impregnate with any flavoring or chemicals.
  • DO NOT use low quality coffee beans.
  • DO NOT mix other coffee beans ...
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