G20 Coffee - Coffee brand with a world view

Commitment to the quality of Thien Sa - G20

THIEN SA IDC is a manufacturing and trading company, always aiming to become a quality enterprise in the field of food processing, agricultural products: Dried fruits, Pia Thien Sa cake, G20 Vietnam, G20 coffee orange to create high quality products and ensure food hygiene and safety.
G20 COFFEE is an international brand, targeting the G20 countries - countries with large economies.

G20 COFFEE coffee is carefully selected from the raw material area to the roasting and processing technique. The ripe coffee beans on the plateau are hand-picked to ensure they retain the most natural flavor, with a 100% real roasting method without any additional flavors - aromatic G20 coffee, bold, CLEAN COFFEE - REAL VALUE.

Not only committed to product quality, the value of G20 COFFEE wants to bring to customers is a clean product without impurities, good for health, helping the spirit of comfort as G20 ginseng coffee.

Dynamic and diverse products, beautiful and eye-catching packaging patterns, G20 COFFEE has many different sizes, large and small, so customers have many choices without being too difficult. G20 COFFEE products: 3 in 1 instant coffee with harmonious, strong flavor, milk coffee, roasted coffee, roasted coffee, ...

G20 COFFEE has affirmed its mission in the US, Germany, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and Japan. And coming here, it will be further out to complete its mission - COFFEE BRAND WITH A WORLD VIEW