Rustic roasted coffee bean - Mix 2

  • Rustic roasted coffee bean - Mix2
  • Arabica - Robusta is a rustic roasted coffee with 100% coffee flavor. Enjoying mode just takes each coffee bean roasted, grind, blend and enjoy.
  • Main market: Export to EU, US, Russia
  • Ingredients: 100% Arabica

Còn hàng

The authentic Vietnamese cafe-style Phin filter makes one cup of exquisitely-brewed coffee at a time and is the ideal way to enjoy Southeast Asian coffees, including Kopi Luwak. Not only does the mighty Phin brew a great cup of coffee, but it's also one of the easiest coffee-makers around. 
The filter consists of a round perforated plate, that fits over a coffee mug or cup; a brewing chamber, that sits on top of the plate; a perforated insert that fits inside the chamber, to tamp the grounds down; and a cap to keep the heat in. Once the coffee grinds (about the size of table salt) are added to the chamber, the filter insert is twisted down, packing in the good stuff. Then the water is poured on top; after 60 seconds of blooming, more hot water is added. The cap helps retain the heat as the first drips descend, either into an empty cup or onto a generous spoonful of thick condensed milk.


Rustic roasted coffee bean - Mix2  a rustic roasted coffee that preserves the 100% natural flavor of the coffee. Enjoyers just need to take each roasted coffee bean, grind, prepare, and enjoy.


Ingredients: Arabica, Robusta. With the best material:
Ripe red coffee beans from different lands, through processing methods, G20 COFFEE choose the origin and the beans of Arabica are of export standard quality to ensure the best taste- perfect coffee.

How to distinguish pure and impure coffee:

1. The aroma of brewed coffee

It is difficult to describe, but if you are familiar with the smell of pure coffee, you will discover that chemical smells, although quite similar to the smell of coffee, are still fake, still has a harsh, strong, persistent but crude Faint and heavy, unlike the high aroma of authentic coffee beans

2. Coffee taste

Most Vietnamese do not think that coffee has a sour taste. Even some refuse to accept an inherent, wonderful attribute of fine coffee, which is the seductive sour taste blending subtly with the natural bitterness.

3. Foam coffee

If the foam is thin, with rainbow-colored iridescence, filling the whole cup and after a long time looking at the coffee cup looks pretty, it is definitely soap foam. The pure coffee foam is fairly uniform in size, more opaque and "thicker" looking, but flattens quickly.

4. The final distinction is your own experience

Finally, very realistically, as you are, on a beautiful day, take a moment to go to Coffee Tree's roasted coffee shop to buy a few ounces of rustic coffee. Then you will know what real coffee is…. This is the best way to taste the pure taste of pure coffee.

Pha thêm sữa bạn sẽ có một ly cà phê chất lượng cao,an toàn 

G20 Coffee Brand commits:

  • Our Coffee Products are Clean and Pure.
  • Products to ensure food safety and hygiene.
  • The product is certified with FDA standard
  • DO NOT impregnate with any flavoring or chemicals.
  • DO NOT use low quality coffee beans.
  • DO NOT mix other coffee beans ...

Hạt Arabica - Robusta


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